Sweet 16 Birthday Party

Teens love our positive tarot card readings and we love doing readings at their parties. Add sparkle to your Sweet 16, graduation, murder mystery or other teen party with professional tarot readings.


Add fun and mystery to your Halloween party with a professional tarot card reader! There were about 40 guests at this party and they kept us busy for 4 hours.

Haverdash Pop-Up Party

Enliven corporate events with a New Leaf Tarot reader. Here is one of our readers at a Haverdash Pop-up Party in Sunnyvale, CA. The guests enjoyed their readings in between trying on fabulous clothes.

4th of July Themed Corporate Picnic

This event took place in a local park. Our readers require only a table and chairs in order to give your guests a fortune telling treat. We can provide all the decorations for our table or work with yours.

We can match our wardrobe and decorations to your party: pirate, corporate, mystic, gypsy, new age, winter, summer, Halloween, and many others. We’ll adapt to your theme.